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Introducing the Digital Bolex

When I posted about how underwhelmed I was about the Canon 5D Mk III announcement I secretly knew that my friend Joe Rubinstein was creating the world’s first affordable digital cinema camera, The D16 Digital Bolex. I had the pleasure of being able to edit the first short filmed on the prototype, “One Small Step” directed by Elle Schneider. I also shot the behind the scenes and interview footage below.

What I love about this project is that it’s a camera made for and by filmmakers. This isn’t a still camera that they’ve converted into a video camera. It’s been designed from the ground up to recreate the look and feel of shooting with a handheld 16mm movie camera.

The images look great. We converted the RAW image sequences to QuickTime and I edited them in Final Cut Pro. Even at ProRes 422 you could tell a huge difference between what was shot on the Digital Bolex and a typical HDSLR. When it was time to finish we were able to match back to the original RAW files for grading. This gave our colorist enormous latitude and it was surprising how much it actually looked like film.

Phillip Bloom is saying this is the most exciting camera announcement in years and I agree. In less than 24 hours they’ve already reached their KickStarter campaign goal of $100,000.  I’m so happy that this camera WILL get made. I look forward to having one in my arsenal. 


Sure, the Canon EOS C300 is awesome. It’s also $20,000 without lenses.

…I’m just bitter cause I can’t afford one.


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